Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Floating Opera - John Barth

"Causation is never more than an inference; and any inference at some point involves the leap from what we see to what we can't see"
I. Nothing has intrinsic value
II. The reason for which people attribute value to things are always ultimately irrational.
III.There is therefor no ultimate 'reason' for valuing anything.
On the morning of June 23, 1937 Todd Andrews, the best lawyer in Maryland decided to commit suicide. Todd was 37 years old, a bachelor, and a resident of the Dorset Hotel. Each morning he paid his rent for that day and then registered for another. It wasn't that his endocarditis or prostate glands made him doubtful that he would last through the days, instead it was his pleasure to do everything differently. After spending years trying to figure out the reason why his father gave up on his own life and trying to come to terms with the concept of suicide he decides the most plausible solution to his seemingly meaningless life is to follow suit and on a specific day at a specific time end his life as well.

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