Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lady from the Sea - Ibsen

Spoiler alert: She's a mermaid...or is she? After reading a quick succession of Ibsen plays the theme seems to be unhappy couples...struggling for allusive freedom of sorts, often are unable to come to the terms that the freedom requires and instead shoot themselves... This is the only Ibsen play that I have read where all the characters have managed to survive to the end...

Basically the plot is Ellida is in love with the sea and has a past shrouded in mystery (because she's a mermaid) she has promised herself to a sailor and after many years the sailor imposes himself on the happy family and attempts to claim her. Her husband realizing he has no power over her gives her the freedom to choose her fate and by that gesture Ellida realizes she will stay despite her constant draw to the sea.

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