Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Sisters - Chekhov

"A thousand years from now man will still be sighing "Ah, how hard life is..." Yet he will fear death exactly as he does now...and be unwilling to doe. Life will remain just the same as it always doesn't change. It remains..."

"A man must have some faith or must seek a faith, otherwise his life is empty. Either hi know what he lives for or it's all futile and worthless..."

Irina finally agrees to marry Tuzenbach and the day before the depart for the long awaited journey to Moscow, Tuzenbach is killed in a duel by Solyony who claims to love Irina...

Three Sisters describes the lives and aspirations of the Prozorov family. Three sisters and their brother Andrei. They are refined and educated living in a small provincial town and dissatisfied and frustrated with their present existence.

When Andrei decides to get married, the sisters despise his choice saying the bride, Natalia, is an uneducated floozy. They have bigger hopes and dreams for their brother and aspire to move to Moscow and begin a new life. Yet years later as Andrei has been slowly driven bankrupt by his gambling habits, Natalia becomes the woman of the house ans as the siblings dreams recede she takes control of whats left of the inheritance and their lives. Eventually the dream of Moscow never materializes and they see their dreams recede further and further..

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